Brian Auerbach | Paycor

Paycor is a trusted partner to more than 40,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Known for delivering modern, intuitive recruiting, HR and payroll solutions, Paycor partners with businesses to optimize the management of their most valuable asset—their people. Paycor’s personalized support and user-friendly technology ensure that key business processes, including recruiting, onboarding, reporting, timekeeping, compliance and payroll, run smoothly. Paycor’s people operations solutions are recommended by today’s most innovative brokers, bankers, and CPAs.

Sam Klein | ModTruss

ModTruss™ is a “Yes” product. When our clients ask, “Can ModTruss™…,” we almost always are able to answer with a resounding “Yes!” We understand how frustrating it can be to need a custom, safe temporary building solution, but not be able to create what you need because of the limitations of the product you are working with. ModTruss™ components are modern, modular pieces designed to build almost anything, anywhere, and to hold any weight. With a huge line of accessories including wheels, hinges, plates, mounts, ModStairs™, ModRails™ and beyond, the only limitation is your imagination. If it needs to be built and built safely, chances are it can be built with ModTruss™. In addition to the extremely versatile nature and flexibility of ModTruss™, there are two standout features that set us apart from the competition in a big way. 1). ModTruss™ comes with a unique clover and bolt hole pattern. The clover not only gives ModTruss™ its signature look, the design also allows the product weight to be reduced without sacrificing any of the strength it provides. The bolt pattern is repeated every 3 inches on all six sides, so connection points are virtually limitless. 2). ModTruss™ can be laminated, or stacked, for large load rating weight requirements. The modern truss can be laminated multiple times. This means that there is virtually nothing it cannot support.

Oscar Aguiar | ADP

Helping Companies increase Cash Flow, Increase Revenue, & Minimize Risk | HR Management & HR Solutions. What we offer: ADP Payroll and HR products and services, Payroll Services. Fast, easy, accurate payroll and tax, so you save time and money. HR Administration. Simplify and streamline administrative tasks for your HR teams and employees. Time & Attendance.HR Insights. HR Services. Partner Integrations.

Melissa Egusquiza | Bank Of America

A seasoned Commercial Banker with 15 years of experience.

Services include: Financial Solutions, Access to Capital, Revolving Lines of Credit, Term Loans, Asset Based Lending, Stand-by Letters of Credit, SBA Loans, Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Mortgages, Equipment Finance/Leasing, 100% Financing, Finance equipment fixed assets, Low debt service – Allows for continued acquisition of new equipment.